SEI Endorsements

Endorsements are attachments to teaching certificates and indicate areas of specialization.  They are for grades K-12 unless otherwise indicated. Once issued, they are automatically renewed with the teaching certificate on which the endorsement was posted. Optional endorsements may be required by local governing boards. All requirements for the endorsement must be met.

Structured English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement

If you need to meet the requirements for an Structured English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement, these two three-credit courses will provide the necessary training while meeting the Arizona State Department of Education Office of English Language Acquisition Services requirements and guidelines for SEI Endorsement.

Course #1: SEI Endorsement Introduction (SEI450) examines the historical, legal, and theoretical foundations of Structured English Immersion and applies these principles to classroom instruction. You will also examine the role of culture in learning and language acquisition principles. You will learn multiple strategies to improve student achievement and examine the format and alignment of ELL Proficiency Standards to the Arizona Language Arts Academic Standards. This course meets one-half of the ADE SEI requirements.

Course #2: SEI Endorsement Completion (SEI455) introduces teachers to the methods for Sheltered English Instruction. In a highly interactive online class, you will apply learning to a comprehensive thematic lesson plan based on the SIOP Protocol. You will learn how to analyze assessments and to implement alternative methods for assessing ELL students. You will also apply methods to planning, instruction, and assessments to English Learners in your classroom. This course meets the second half of the ADE requirements and guidelines for SEI Endorsement.

You get the benefit of online learning convenience, affordable pricing, and opportunities to interact with other teachers. Join these research-based courses to motivate your best teaching and get teaching/learning results!


$350 for three graduate credits (135 clock hours) + textbook

Each course is eight weeks.


Official Transcript Fee$10
Returned Check Fee$20

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